There is no doubt 3D print technology is reforming a whole host of industries and manufacturing processes, the question is, Can 3D printing be effectively used in the sign industry? Roland DG certainly seem to think so.

The release of the Roland ARM-10 is aimed at start-up firms, printers and designers. Used for rapid prototyping and complex 3D designs the arm-10 is a fast and accurate machine with a whole host of possibilities.

Suggestions for use in the sign and print shops include small production trophies, scaled down installations , frame moldings and checking design capabilities at prototyping stage.   Roland say "The ARM-10 3D printer is ideal for quickly checking a design at the initial stage or prototyping a complex shape"

[caption id="attachment_79" align="aligncenter" width="370"]3d print by ARM-10 Printed with roland DG's ARM-10[/caption]

Can you think of a use for 3D printers in the sign making world?

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