Customer focused companies are proven to excel in their industry when compared with companies that are purely profit focused. Keeping track of quotes, opportunities, sales, invoicing and customer service can be a daunting task for SMEs and Large Enterprises alike. Having a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and MIS (Management Information System) is crucial to maintaining a system that can grow with your business. If you can set a great foundation in customer service procedures it will really pay dividends later down the line when expansion opportunities arise.

When choosing a CRM/MIS system for your Sign & Print business you may find it difficult to decide which features you actually require. Many business owners are often quick to get a system up and running due to the urgent need to keep procedures under control, only to find their chosen software will not perform a vital feature required as the business expands. Migrating these systems once your data is locked into one software platform can be very expensive and time consuming. It is advisable to perform some in-depth research into your options before you take the jump.

To help you with your search for the perfect sign software, the table below displays key features you may need for your business and a comparison of the major software providers available to the sign & print industry:


CRM Feature vs Cost

The table above clearly displays the features available within each CRM system, a key point to take into account is the affordability of each option. Your choice will depend on your company size and expansion plans. Features and flexibility come at a premium however there are some options that boast great features at affordable pricing. Take a look at the summary of each individual system below to get a grasp on cost.


Tharsten - £10,795 base cost - £100k+

Tharstern Sign CRMThe Tharstern system has the most flexibility out of the bunch however it takes quite a commitment with a base cost of £10,795 to get you running on a basic Package. This may not be appropriate for a start-up or Small company, But for medium-large enterprises this is designed to be a "catch-all" system for the everyday running of your business. With Integration being the focus word used throughout the Tharstern portfolio, They can connect to all of your current systems and make them work together harmoniously

Key features:

  • Supports large and wide format print, print, label & packaging,
  • Covers every department of a printing company with functionality for: CRM, estimating, job management, job tracking, scheduling, purchasing, inventory, fulfilment and Business Intelligence
  • Vendor agnostic and will work with all partners, Integration is Tharsten's Speciality.
  • over 700 Installations with 7000+ users in the UK
  • Over 38 years experience providing Print CRM systems
  • The powerful and flexible solution does carry a premium price tag

For more information to contact Amanda Newman at Tharstern on 01282 860 660


Clarity - From £1200 Base cost 1 User
Clarity - Sign & Print Software

Clarity comes with a fantastic range of options that work on a modular based system. This allows you to expand the system as your business needs increase. A £1200 base cost for one user includes the majority of modules needed to get your business started and also includes on-site training and data implementation. When you are ready to expand you can add modules to your plan or remove them when unnecessary. Another advantage with the Clarity system is the ability to take up a monthly rental contract that will reduce the initial payment and provide more flexibility in the future.

Key features:

  • Tailored specifically to the Sign industry
  • UK based with onsite implementation team
  • Handles all the necessary features required by a sign and print provider to keep the business running smoothly, accurately with reporting tools "end-to-end business management". Including CRM, estimating, job management, job tracking, scheduling, purchasing, inventory, fulfilment and business intelligence
  • Powerful Cloud options with dedicated apps for iOS & Android
  • Handles email marketing campaigns & scheduling offline campaigns
  • 16+ years of development in the sign making industry
  • Advanced stock systems for convertors & offcuts
  • Monthly and Software Purchasing Options

For more information to contact Andy McAllister at Clarity on 0121 248 2450


ShopVox - From £75 P/month for first user

shopvox sign CRM

ShopVox is a great option for start-ups and SMEs. The simple and affordable pricing levels make it easy to expand as you employ more team members. A unique feature which sets ShopVox apart from the crowd is the ability to accept card payments directly in the system. The Feature list for ShopVox is also very impressive however it does not have much flexibility for customisation like Clarity & Tharsten. A very promising option for the SME market that could make a huge difference to the everyday running of your business. The cloud based software removes the need to install systems on a network, any PC with an internet connection can access the ShopVox accounts.

Key features:

  • Tailored to Sign, Screenprinters, Awards & Engraving
  • Completely Cloud based for full access anywhere in the world, phone & tablet ready!
  • Clear and simple pricing with access to ALL features for £75 p/month (+£15 p/mo for each extra user)
  • Commission management for offsite salesmen
  • Seamless Quikbooks & Xero integration
  • Collect feedback for jobs directly in ShopVox
  • Focused development on electronic job boards to keep things running smoothly
  • Online Chat support & Instructional video library
  • Over 3000+ installations worldwide
  • Ecommerce compatible
  • Can handle debit/credit card payments

For more information contact Haylee Benton at ShopVox

Estimate - From £52.25 - £105.25 p/month

EstiMAte sign CRM

EstiMate boasts a range of powerful quoting calculators specifically created for sign projects. The UI may not be as pretty as the other systems but the level of data you can input when quoting your jobs makes up for this. Estimate is a no frills software that does what it says on the tin, perfect for smaller sign shops that are looking to create accurate and consistent pricing across all of their products. With an entry level price of £52.25 per month it would be hard to go wrong with this software.

Key features:

  • Created Specifically for the sign industry
  • Very comprehensive quoting calculators to create accurate, consistent quoting.
  • Very simple and affordable pricing structure. All access for unlimited users just £105.25 p/month
  • Seamless Quikbooks integration
  • A great quoting software that includes other extras for running your sign shop

For more information contact the EstiMate Team


GoFaso - From £POA

gofaso sign crm

Gofaso also works on a cloud based system which offers flexibility when working from different locations, a standard pricing option includes all of the features for 5 users which is perfect for a small business to build from. Pricing information was not directly available for review so please get in touch with the Gofaso team for more information.

Key features:

  • Tailored to Sign & print industry
  • Completely Cloud based for full access anywhere in the world, phone & tablet ready!
  • Simple pricing options with the standard package including 5 users
  • Seamless Quikbooks integration
  • Very in-depth capabilities when quoting for vehicle graphics, templates available for standardising quotes and cost analysis
  • 3 day implementation time
  • A great option for smaller sign shops looking to instantly save time on their quoting & invoicing admin

For more information contact the Gofaso Team


Choosing the best CRM for your Sign & Print Business

Now you have an overview of the main contenders that operate in the sign industry you will need to pick the most suited to your specific business. Important factors to take into account include your future expansion goals, if you would like to pay a monthly fee or pay up front and what level of complexity you would like to utilise throughout the everyday running of your business.


A special thanks to the contributors that helped in the preparation of this this article together