Throughout your day you pass by hundreds of signs.... advertising, instructional, wayfinding. A great proportion of these will be fitted to vertical posts. Whether it be a humble traffic speed sign or a grand hotel entrance, post mounted signage is here to stay and ensuring your installation is secure is very important.

Structural bonding tape is not a new phenomena, however over the years the performance of these specialised tapes has improved and have been shown to out perform the classic mechanical fixings such as rivets. (when tested against impact resistance and stress loading).

Sign Trade Supplies stocks Stykra 700 EXT Structural Bonding Tape which has been engineered for the most rigorous tests and demanding structural requirements in the sign world. With the Stykra 700 EXT tape you can permanently fix sign channel to rear of aluminium and ACM sign boards. The structural bond created between the two materials can withstand the harshest weathering tests, UV exposure and thermal expansion to create a bond to rival the traditional mechanical fixing.

The key to a great bond with the Stykra 700 EXT is all in the preparation.

Step 1 - Degrease your panel & Channel

The most crucial step in any bonding tape application is degreasing the panel and channel before applying your tape. When Aluminium composite and other materials are extruded, a light film of grease can be left on the surface which will drastically effect the tapes ability to bond with the surface. The Stykra EXT Surface Cleaner is a powerful degreaser that is perfect to remove the film left behind by the manufacturing process.

Step 2 - Prime Your Channel

The Stykra EXT Primer has been shown to increase bonding strength by up to 30%, we highly recommend this and see it as a necessary step in using the Stykra 700 EXT tape. It also provides a much firmer instant grab which will allow manual handling after application of tape. Allow the Stykra EXT primer 5-10 minutes to dry.

Step 3 - Apply Stykra 700 EXT tape

After the primer has dried, apply the Stykra EXT bonding tape to the channel.

Step 4 - Apply Taped Channel

When applying the Taped channel to your board, it is very important you position the channel correctly on the first attempt. As the initial strength on bond is enough to stop you from re-positioning the channel. Apply firm pressure along the length of the channel to ensure all surfaces in contact.