Banner hemming has been a thorn in the sign maker's side for some time. There are many different approaches to strengthening the edges of banner to create a strong, long lasting display. In this article Sign Trade Supplies is going to show you a fast and efficient technique with a brand new product on the market:

Banner Hem Taping Techniques

Single Sided Banner tape is a brand new product on the market, as opposed to using Double sided tape that has been used to hem the edges of banners for many years.

traditional double side hem taping

This process involves applying the double sided tape to the reverse of the banner and then folding the hem over to stick to the tape. This method is undoubtedly effective and still a brilliant method of hemming your banners, however it isn't the fasted method and the results can cause the edge of the banner to "pucker" when rolling or folding for storage/shipping. Double sided hemming tape

New Single Side Stiffening Tape

how to hem banners with tape

Single sided banner tape is a much faster, neater and effective. The process works by sticking the banner stiffening tape to the reverse of the banner, then the eyelets can be punched directly through the face of the banner and tape. There is NO need to fold your hems. This allows for a much cleaner edge on every banner, and the tape does not pucker when rolled for shipping or storage.  Single Sided Banner Hemming Tape