How to choose the correct sign post clip

Post & panel signage stands as a cornerstone in the world of sign making, offering a trifecta of effectiveness, simplicity, and durability in installations. The key to achieving seamless installations lies in understanding and utilizing a set of fundamental components, including:


With these four components in place, you have all of the essentials for creating a robust post & panel sign system. However, one common challenge faced by sign installers is arriving to site with the incorrect size sign clips.


Often Signs are replaced on site and will use the existing sign posts to mount the new sign panels. This means the existing posts will need to be accurately measured to ensure the correct sign clips can be ordered.


The following measuring techniques can be used to identify the post size.

Technique 1 : Measure the Diameter

The diameter is the most important measurement when looking to order the correct sign clip. Sign post clips are listed and sold in diameter sizing. For example a 76mm sign clip will suit a 76mm diameter post. 

To measure the post diameter extend the tape measure from one side of the hollow section to the opposite side, passing through the center of the post. Ensure that your measurement is taken perpendicular to the sides for accuracy.

As many signs are being fitted on existing posts, measuring the top profile can be extremely challenging. In these situation, technique 2 will be much more effective.

measuring diameter of a sign post

Technique 2 : Measure the Circumference

If accessing the top of the post is challenging, measuring the circumference offers an alternative route to determine the required diameter. Wrap a soft tape measure around the post to find its circumference, then divide this figure by 3.14 (Pi) to get the post diameter, corresponding to the needed sign clip size.

Example Calculation: If the post measures 238mm in Circumference (23.8cm):


This indicates a 76mm clip is required.

measuring circumference of a sign post

Common Post Diameters and Circumferences:

Diameter Circumference Clip Link
32mm 100.5mm Buy now
50mm 157mm Buy now
76mm 238.6mm Buy now
89mm 279.5mm Buy now
102mm 320.3mm Buy now
114mm 358mm Buy now

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