ULTRAGALV represents a breakthrough in corrosion-resistant coated steel tube, surpassing the performance of galvanised tube by up to 20 times. Not only does it offer superior durability due to its high-strength steel construction and self-healing anti-corrosion properties, but it also boasts better processing capabilities than post-galvanised tube and is environmentally sustainable.

The zinc/aluminium/magnesium coating used in ULTRAGALV is highly resistant to even the harshest conditions, including those with high alkaline and ammonia content. In testing conducted by UK-based Rotech Laboratories, ULTRAGALV® demonstrated remarkable longevity, withstanding the equivalent of 100 years without significant deterioration.

ULTRAGALV's unique ULTRAFusion weld repair technology ensures 100% protection for both the interior and exterior surfaces of the tube. Additionally, its scratch-resistant surface further contributes to its exceptional product longevity.

Key Features

  • ULTRAGALV offers corrosion resistance up to 20 times greater than galvanised tube.
  • Constructed with high-strength steel for increased durability.
  • Significantly extends the product life of the tube.
  • Provides edge protection to prevent damage.
  • Features enhanced formability for easier shaping.
  • Total protection for both the exterior and interior of the tube.
  • Includes the unique ULTRAFusion weld repair technology for added strength.
  • Boasts a harder and more resilient surface than traditional galvanised tube.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Ultragalv post galvanising process


ULTRAGALV Technology is revolutionising the humble galvanised CHS steel sign post, allowing for sign installations to uphold over 20 times longer than the regular hot dip standard.

Our CHS Galvanised Post Choice

We currently stock standard 76mm (3") diameter CHS Steel Posts in:

3000mm x 76mm CHS Steel ULTRAGALV

3600mm x 76mm CHS Steel ULTRAGALV

4000mm x 76mm CHS Steel ULTRAGALV