Sign Wall Mounts / Stand Offs

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11 Items

Set Descending Direction

Stainless Steel and aluminium wall mounts for fixing signage to interior and exterior walls / substrates. A great solution for mounting nameplates, acrylic plaques and interior way finding signage. Our range includes a premium grade 304 AISI marine grade stainless steel stand off and an economical option of aluminium flat cap wall mounts.

Stainless Steel Wall Mounts

Available in 3 sizes:

16mm x 16mm Stainless Steel Wall Mount

19mm x 19mm Stainless Steel Wall Mount

25mm x 25mm Stainless Steel Wall Mount


Aluminium Wall Mounts

Available in 4 sizes:

13mm x 13mm Aluminium Wall Mount

19mm x 19mm Aluminium Wall Mount

19mm x 25mm Aluminium Wall Mount

25mm x 25mm Aluminium Wall Mount