Sign Making Glues & Adhesives

Sign Making Glues & Adhesives

Sign Trade Supplies offers a range of glues and adhesives that are suitable for the sign making industry. Our range includes:

Stykra 1000 2-Pack Methacrylate Glue - Suitable for bonding metal to metal and also Snapfix locators onto metal

Stykra 2000 Acrylic Adhesive - Suitable for bonding acrylic to acrylic, Snapfix locators to acrylic letters

Soudal FixAll High Tack Multi Purpose Adhesive - Instantly grabs and bonds to a wide variety of construction surfaces, ideal for mounting signage and walking away with confidence

Soudal Industrial Strength Super Glue MV & HV - Different viscosity superglue for POS bonding and also compatible with foamex. Great for bonding snapfix locators onto foam lettering