SnapFix & SimpleFIX Sign Locators

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Sign Letter Fixing Studs / Locators

SnapFix and SimpleFIX are the leading brands in sign locators. Giving you excellent durability and UV stable locators for all your sign projects. As standard the nylon HIPS locators are supplied in packs of 250 locators, this includes 250 male studs and 250 female cups. We stock mini,  small, medium and large snapfix and simplefix locators.

How to use sign letter locator studs

Snapfix and Simplefix Locators are used to mount flat cut sign letters to shop fascias, walls and sign panels. The male studs are bonded to the rear of sign letters using an appropriate adhesive. Next a paper plan is created using 1:1 scale lettering artwork. The letters with the studs are then placed on the paper plan and each stud makes a mark on the paper plan. This paper plan is then used as a drilling guide for your wall. Once the holes have been drilled the female cups can then be screwed to the wall / sign panel. Finally the Letters can be pushed into place with each male stud snapping into place into the female cups.

What materials are suitable for snapfix locators?

Snapfix or Simplefix locators are suitable for use with almost any substrate material type. The key to a successful installation is choosing the correct adhesive to bond the stud to the sign letter. Please see our recommendations below:

Bonding Studs to Acrylic - Nortex Acrylic Bond

Bonding Studs to PVC Foam - Soudal MV superglue & Activator

Bonding Studs to ACM letters - Stykra 1000 or Stykra 3000