Sign Post Clips & Accessories

Anti-rotational Sign Post Clips, Post Caps, and Universal Channel Clamps

UK Traffic Signs Fixings & Traffic Clips

Sign Trade Supplies stocks one of the largest ranges of sign fixing clips, brackets and clamps in the UK. We supply our sign fixing solutions nationwide on a next day service allowing you to install your signs as fast as your clients require. Our white label delivery option allows you to order your fixings directly to site without your client receiving any Sign Trade Supplies documentation.

Anti-rotational sign clips / Sign U clamps / Sign Post Brackets

Our anti-rotational sign fixings allow for a strong and secure fixing to upright sign posts. The simple sign clips allow any sign with small OR medium rail fixed to the rear to be attached to sign posts. We have split our range of sign clips into different categories depending on size. Our most common sizes (50mm, 76mm and 89mm) also are available in a range of powder coat colours, these clips can be purchased in Black, white and grey powder coat aswell as the standard stainless steel finish.

Mini Railing Clips - 13mm - 40mm Railing diameters

Sizes in this range: 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm and 40mm

Standard Sign Clips - 47mm - 114mm Post Diameters

Sizes in this range: 47mm, 50mm, 60mm, 76mm, 89mm, 102mm and 114mm

Large 2 Bolt Sign Clips - 127 - 273mm Post Diameters

Sizes in this range: 127mm, 140mm, 150mm, 168mm, 194mm, 219mm, 244mm and 273mm

Square & rectangle clips and Back-to-back sign clips

Our square and rectangle clips include: 30mm square, 40mm square, 50mm square, 80mmm square, 76mm square. The back to back clips allow signs to be mounted double-sided onto a post, this is perfect when signs need to be seen from both sides. Our back to back clips are available in sizes: 50mm , 76mm, 89mm and 102mm.

Universal Channel Clamps UCC and Banding, jubilee clips and Screw Band (Worm Drive)

When there is not a specified sign post diameter or there is not an anti-rotational sign clip available then you have the choice of using a UCC (universal channel clamp) and a range of stainless steel sign band. The universal channel clamp is inserted into the small or medium sign channel that is fixed to the sign blank. The either an adjustable universal screw band is tightened through the UCC and around the post. Or a reel of 12.5mm or 19mm stainless steel sign band can be used with the Sign Band Tool & a buckle.