Can AI really be used effectively in the Sign & display industry?

"AI" is undoubtedly the buzzword of 2023, and i think 90% of the population are getting pretty tired of seeing whacky pictures generated of animals driving cars on the moon.

That being said, I have decided to take a look at how AI tools can provide practical time saving and creative assistance to the sign and graphics industry. Take a look and decide for yourself whether you would seriously consider rolling any of these into your daily work life. 

1. Image Manipulation & Generative Fill

Whilst the crazy images being generated with MidJourney and Dall.e2 are making the rounds on LinkedIn, It is sometimes hard to see a practical use for these in the graphics industry. 

However there are some brilliant image manipulation tools out there that can actually save time and provide the client with a much better final project. 

AI Image Enhancer has a set of tools perfect for when clients email you a 100 x 100px logo and want it printed 3m wide on their building sign. 

The image enlarger uses AI sampling to upscale any image and drastically reduce pixilation. 

The new Photoshop Beta also provides some fantastic features that can remove objects from images and also extend images.

2. Incoming Leads & Enquiries

Handling incoming leads and customer requests can take up alot of time but often similar responses and answers are used repetitively and could be learnt by an AI bot.

AI live chats have come a long way since first launch and now the dynamic responses can be really useful for businesses to use on their website. From anything to pre-loaded FAQs to simple opening hour information, AI live chat bots in the bottom corner of the screen can reduce support calls and speed up responses for your customer.

Services like AI live chat providers such as Intercom have some extremely powerful tools that can also streamline incoming leads ready for the sales process.

Creative Block & Inspiration

We obviously couldn't complete an article on AI technology without mentioning MidJourney. One of the most forefront developers in text to image generation. 

MidJourney creates strikingly realistic images from the prompts you enter. Although these images can be a bit unpredictable and not entirely useful for graphic designers. I do think there is a place in the design stages for brainstorming ideas.

We have all been there, trying to design another unique vehicle wrap or sign layout ready to wow the customer.....until you hit a creative block, you've got nothing left in the creative tank but the deadline is ever approaching. 

This is exactly where MidJourney could enter the room, For the image on the left MidJourney was prompted with "Mercedes sprinter van with building company branding" Then a few moments later the 4 images were popped into existence. You can make these prompts as detailed as you like, including colours, styles and backgrounds. A great way to get some ideas flowing and break the dreaded creative block!

To conclude

In conclusion, I do think there is already a practical place in the Sign & Graphics industry for AI tools. As more developers build niche AI workflows the industry will continue to see changes and transformations that will most likely try to reduce mundane, repetitive jobs to allow business owners and employees to focus their attention on building great companies.

Until then, we will just have to sit back and watch it all unfold

P.S This article was not written by any Artificial Intelligence! ;)