3M Knifeless Tape & WrapCut

3M Knifeless Tape & WrapCut

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3M Knifeless Tape - Sign Making Filament Cutting Tape

We stock Knifeless Tape that can be used to cut vinyl films without the use of a knife or scalpel. The tape has a central filament that is carried on a removable adhesive carrier. The tape is applied to the substrate before vinyl application and then the filament is pulled through the face of the vinyl to perform a perfect cut. The green carrier tape is then removed with the waste vinyl.

Knifeless Tape Design Line 

Designline is perfect for creating curved and intricate designs. The slightly thinner filament carrier allows for bends and curves to be applied and cut through wrap film and sign vinyl directly on the vehicle body.

Knifeless Tape Finish Line

The original knifeless tape system that is great for creating viper stripes, straight line cuts and simple designs on the body of a vehicle.

WrapCut - Vehicle Wrapping Filament Tape

Wrapcut is an alternative filament tape cutting system, unlike Knifeless tape Wrapcut positions the cutting filament to one side of the carrier film. The off centre filament tape changes the application style slightly but the concept remains much the same. There are 3 different wrapcut products for use with different materials and design uses.

WrapCut Original

The original wrapcut filament tape has similar uses to the knifeless tape design line. It is designed for creating viper stripes, straight cut lines and also curved designs directly on the vehicle body without the need for using a scalpel.

WrapCut Pro

An alternative to the Knifeless Tape finish line, the WrapCut pro is suited to creating straight cut designs. The slightly thicker tape keeps the line running true along the body for more precise straight edges.

WrapCut Wire

Wrapcut wire uses a unique metal wire filament. Unlike the other fibre filaments the metal wire means it is strong enough to cut through thick laminated prints, reflective films and other speciality vinyls.