Application Accessories

Application Accessories

Sign Trade Supplies stock a large variety of sign making tools and accessories. Our products include:


Sign Making Squeegees and Applicators 

  • Avery Blue Squeegee
  • Avery Red Squeegee
  • 3M PA-1 Gold Squeegee
  • 3M PA-1 Blue Squeegee
  • Image Perfect Squeegees
  • Big Green Blade Vinyl Remover
  • Pink Chizzler Vinyl Removal Squeegee
  • Smoothie Wet Application Squeegee
  • Felt Block Sign Squeegee

Sign Making Cleaning and Application Fluids

  • 3M Surface Preparation Cleaner
  • Avery Flat Surface Cleaner
  • Nortex Tar & Glue Remover
  • Nortex Panel Wipe
  • Nortex Aplispray - Application Fluid
  • 3M Tape Primer 83
  • Vinyl Adhesive Remover