Application Accessories

Sign Trade Supplies stock a large variety of sign making tools and accessories to aid sign makers across the UK. We pride ourselves on stocking the must-have items at great trade prices. We stock all major brands of sign making tools including Paint is Dead, Avery Dennison, 3M, Wrapfuel, Knifeless Tape, Wrapcut, Swann Morton, Steinel and more! Our huge product range includes:

Sign Making Squeegees and Applicators 

A true staple of every sign maker across the world. The humble squeegee is a key part of every sign makers day. Choosing the squeegee for you can be tricky and everyone has their own preference so we have compiled a portfolio of squeegees to suit everyone's needs!

  • Avery Pro Blue Combination Squeegee
  • Avery Pro Flex Red Squeegee
  • Avery Pro Rigid White Teflon Squeegee
  • 3M PA-1 Gold Squeegee
  • 3M PA-1 Blue Squeegee
  • Paint is Dead Pro Squeegee with buffers
  • Image Perfect Squeegees
  • Pink Chizzler Vinyl Removal Squeegee
  • Smoothie Wet Application Squeegee
  • Felt Block Sign Squeegee

Sign Making Cleaning and Application Fluids

The key to a perfect installation is great preparation, we have a range of high specification cleaners to clean and degrease your surfaces before the application of sign vinyl and vehicle wrap. 

  • 3M Surface Preparation Cleaner
  • Avery Flat Surface Cleaner
  • Avery 1L Green Surface Cleaner
  • Nortex Professional Surface Cleaner
  • Nortex IPA - 99.9% isopropyl alcohol 
  • Nortex Tar & Glue Remover
  • Nortex Panel Wipe
  • Nortex Aplispray - Application Fluid
  • 3M Primer 94
  • 3M Edge Sealer 3950
  • Vinyl Adhesive Remover

Sign Squeegee Replacement Felt Buffers and Monkeystrips

Another must have item in any vehicle wrapper or sign installers tool box is a pack of spare squeegee felt buffers. Reduce surface scratches on installed vinyl with a brand new squeegee felt for every job. We stock the world famous MonkeyStrips & Banana Buffers but we also have a range of alternatives for you to try.