Stykra 700 EXT Structural Bonding Tape

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Structural Bonding Tape
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Stykra EXT Primer - Vehicle Wrap & Tape Adhesion Promoter

Stykra Acrylic Structural Bonding Tape

  • Ultimate Performance Tape
  • Applied in temperatures as low as 0°C* (when used with Stykra EXT primer or 3M Primer 94)
  • Suitable for LSE plastics and powder coated materials
  • Replaces mechanical fixing methods such as rivets
  • Excellent elongation properties
  • Ideal for equalisation of tension across bonded joint

Main Uses:

  • Structural Sign Bonds
  • Sign Channel Fixing
  • Metal to Metal Fixing
  • Fabrication and Panel Mounting
  • PVC and Composite Bonding
  • Vehicle panel, trim and badge mounting

Excellent resistance to UV, weathering and varying temperatures

We strongly advise the use of the Stykra EXT Primer or  3M Pimer 94  which greatly increases the initial bond and long term resistance to load and weather.

Why Choose Our Structural bonding Tape

Our Structural Bonding Tape is a very powerful adhesive in tape form, and has a huge number of uses in the sign industry. 

Designed for very demanding applications under high stress loads, great resistance to environmental factors and esternal applications, i.e road signage, different materials that expand at diffrerent rates, but still need to be firmly bonded.

The ultra high sheer cohesive mass of the tape and its viscoo-elastic nature makes it extremely strong and copes with pulling, twisting, dampens vibration and absorbs shocks. Our tape is simple to use and bonds LSE plastics, metals, painted and powder coated surfaces.

sign makers tape

  • 50% of bonding strength attained after 20 minutes
  • 90% of the optimum bond strength in 24 hours
  • 100% of bond strength after 72 hours

Application Guide

All surfaces must be lightly abraded and cleaned with Nortex Professional Surface cleaner , this ensures the materials are comepletely degreased, we then highly recommend treating both surfaces with the Stykra EXT Primer or 3M Primer 94 which creates an optimal condition for permanently bonding the two surfaces.


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