Stykra 3000 Flexi+ Methacrylate 2-Pack Adhesive

Stykra 3000 Flexi+ Methacrylate 2-Pack Adhesive

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Stykra 3000 Flexi+ Methacrylate 2-Pack Adhesive
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New generation Methacrylate based adhesive from the Stykra product range. The high performance blend of monomers boast low odour, non-carcinogenic and non-flammable properties bringing a fantastic eco-friendly bonding option to market. Combining a fast handling time of 10-15 minutes and a non-thermal cure, the Stykra 3000 Flexi+ allows rapid bonding of heat sensitive materials.

The unique flexi+ formulation provides a new level of performance for 10:1 adhesives, producing an extremely tough and flexible bond that stands up to high impact at both temperature extremes. 

The elongation characteristics allow for bonding dissimilar materials by dissipating expansion stresses across the joint and the non-thermal curing technology does not leave "ghosting" marks on thin skinned aluminium composite or heat sensitive materials.

Key Features

- New generation 2-Part Methacrylate adhesive for structural bonding solutions
- Fast Handling time of 10-15 minutes
- Flexible bond allows stress dissapation between dissimilar materials
- Eco-friendly with low odour, non-carcinogenic monomers and non-flammable properties
- Prevents "ghosting" on thin skinned acm
- Suitable for sign trays, acm bonding, letter locators and more

Compatible Materials

Aluminum, steels, ABS, Acrylics, UPVC, acrylic’s GRP, HPL, granite, marbles and wood

Properties of Uncured Material

Property & Test Methods Specification
Resin Low Odor Methacrylate
Colour Black
Appearance Thixotropic Gel
Viscosity Brookfield T Bar 250,000 to 300,000cps
Cure System Non Peroxide


Properties of Cured Material

Property & Test Methods Specification
ASTM D1002 Lapshear (Average over 16 tests)
Aluminum (unprepared) 14.36 Nmm2
Polycarbonate 5.5 Nmm2 Substrate Failure
HIPS 5.2 Nmm2 Substrate Failure
Stainless Steel 15.33 Nmm2
Mild Steel 18.37 Nmm2
GRP 5.8 Nmm2 Substrate Failure
ABS 4.77 Nmm2
Nylon 4.96 Nmm2
FRP 5.8 Nmm2 Substrate Failure
Gap Fill 3mm
Temperature Range -55°C to 120ºC
Shore Hardness 60 Shore D
Tensile Strength at break (ISO 527 1A) 10.9 Nmm2
% Elongation at break (ISO 527 1A) 104 %
% Elongation SAF* Method >200%
UV Stability Excellent

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