Vehicle Wrap

  1. Oracal 970 RA - Premium Vehicle Wrap Vinyl


    Multi-layered, high performance cast PVC film, engineered to the highest technological standards. It is available in many colours with a high gloss or matt finish (we currently only stock Gloss White & Matt Black, however other colours are available to order) Specially developed for complete car wrapping, Suitable for uneven and corrugated surfaces, as well as rivets and corrugations. High Gloss finish to vehicle paint standards!

    The Oracal 970 RA - Rapid Air,  features air release technology allowing for even easier application, allowing any trapped air to egress from behind the vinyl. Backed with a PE-coated silicone paper on both sides of backing.

    Featuring a highly conformable PVC cast with Solvent polyacrylate, re-positionable, permanent , transparent adhesive.


  2. Steinel Professional Car Wrapping Heat Gun - HG 2120 E


    Welcome to the professional class! The 2200-W HG 2120 E hot air tool in Carwrapper Edition. Fitted with a 7.5 m cable, it is particularly suitable for car wrapping. The longer cable provides a particularly wide action radius for wrapping work on large areas. The ceramic heaters temperature can be infinitely varied over a range of 80 °C - 630 °C at the thumbwheel. Airflow can be controlled in 3 stages – from 150 – 500 l/min. The practical powerhouse weighs only 840 g (without mains cable) – ideal for fatigue-free working. 

    Features: 2200-watt brushless motor, rated for 750 hours of operation. Integrated thermal cut-out to prevent overheating. 3-stage blower, from 150 – 500 l/min. Simple temperature adjustment from 80 – 630 °C by thumbwheel, temperate display on the thumbwheel in in 9 stages. Ergonomic handle with soft inlay for working safely with one hand. Non-slip standing surface and hanger. 

    Service-friendly: the heater can be replaced in next to no time, the power cord can be changed without opening the enclosure.

    Accessories: the HL Scan temperature scanner indicates the correct temperature while tamping the foil. The optional fine dust filter provides additional protection in dusty environments.

  3. Avery Supreme Wrapping Film - SWF Dark Grey CB1560001 - Dark Nardo Grey


    High-performance car wrapping cast vinyl

    Dark Nardo Grey Car Wrapping Vinyl

    Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrapping Film is a premium quality cast vinyl film for use in the vehicle market where high gloss finish and cost effective wrapping is required.

    The adhesive with Easy Apply RS™ Technology features an easy application mechanism which allows faster positioning and air-bubble free film application, as well as long term removability after the intended period of use. Compared to the standard permanent adhesive of Avery Dennison® 900 Super Cast series this Easy Apply feature helps to make experienced applicators become even more productive, resulting in cost efficient applications.


    • Very high gloss or matt “paint-like” finish
    • Excellent 3D conformability on concave and convex shapes including deep channels
    • Easy- Apply functionality helps eliminate bubbles and wrinkles
    • Repositionable and slideable technology enables faster installations
    • Excellent Long Term Removability (LTR) of the film during the lifetime of the applied product
    • REACH compliant standard colour range (EC1907/2006)
    • Outstanding durability and outdoor performance due to dirt repellent film characteristics.
    • Coloured film and protective layer in one construction
  4. Oracal 970-076 Nardo Grey Vehicle Wrapping Vinyl


    Nardo Grey Wrap Film UK

    ORACAL® 970RA Premium Cast Wrapping Film is a multi-layered, high performance, cast PVC, engineered to the highest technological standards.

    Available in 100 colours with a high gloss or matt finish, it has been especially developed for complete car wrapping.

    The RapidAir® technology enables easy and quick application without air inclusion, especially in large scale applications. Entrapped air can be easily removed by smoothing it out under the film.

    It is also suitable for uneven and slightly curved surfaces. The product should be worked in, cut and applied with an overlap at the edge, for more curved surfaces, or for corrugations and rivets.

    The applied material is easy to remove with the appropriate equipment.


    • 110 micron multi-layered cast PVC film
    • RapidAir® application (nearly blisterfree application with microchannels)
    • 96 colours
    • Excellent dimensional stability and gloss retention
    • Durability up to 6 years
    • Adhesive :solvent polyacrylate, repositionable, permanent, transparent
  5. ASWF Excel 5 Automotive Tint - 1016mm

    ASWF Excel 5 Automotive Vehicle Tint Manufactured by American Standard Window Film in the USA, the Excel 5 window tint is a high quality, stable window film with high performing specifications.