Blackboard Chalkboard Vinyl

Blackboard Chalkboard Vinyl

Blackboard, Chalkboard and Liquid chalk Pen vinyl can be used to make flat , smooth surfaces into useable chalkboards. Perfect for restaurants, schools or domestic applications the blackboard and chalkpen vinyl is self-adhesive and is suitable for interior or exterior application. The liquid chalk pen vinyl does not leave ghosting and can be cleaned with just a damp cloth, no harsh chemicals needed!

Our Blackboard / Chalkboard Vinyl is  great for sign makers, the DIY market and education

Chalk Pen vinyl provides an exceptional finish for writing and drawing with liquid chalk pens. This is perfect for use as a restaurant menu board or as an appliqué in a school, home or office. Chalk Pen is suitable for both indoor (5 yr) and outdoor (3 yr) applications. The CP100 film uses a repositionable, permanent adhesive to aid in application.

Nortex Blackboard Vinyl is an embossed, calendered PVC that is suitable for use with chalk. It has a B1 fire-rating. It has been specially designed for use in transforming surfaces into blackboards and for recovering existing blackboards.

The Black board and Liquid Chalk Pen vinyls are equivilant to R tapes ChalkTalk or Aslans black board materials.