Sign Tray Fabrication

Sign Tray Fabrication

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Here at Sign Trade Supplies we have a large stock holding and manufacturing facility to keep you and your business on move, in a competitive environment. We have a great deal of experience in our manufacturing and fabrication team and we endeavor to help produce the highest quality signs, ready for installation.

Sign Tray Fabrication

Our sign trays are manufactured from from high grade aluminium composite sheeting, we use our flat bed CNC router to accurately cut V grooves into the panel at the required dimensions. Once V grooving is completed, the sheet is then folded into its tray form and fixed with reinforcing aluminium "L" angle.

We can produce sign trays on a small and large scale with our maximum size in one section being 2900mm x 1440mm x 50mm (limited to sheet size). Coloured aluminium composite can be used for basic colours (black, blue, green, red, yellow, white) and we can also flood coat the sign trays with a specific colour vinyl or full digital print if required.

Fret Cut Sign Trays

With the use of our CNC router we can produce highly accurate fret cut sign trays, these signs are very similar to the sign tray described above, however the face of the sign tray has lettering or shapes cut out from the aluminium composite sheet. A second tray is then created to fit inside the fret cut tray which will hold LED or Fluorescent lighting, This allows the fret cut sign to be illuminated.

The front of the fret cut tray will need to have the light source diffused, For this we often use acrylic backers that are bonded inside the fret cut tray to create a flat sign face. Clear / Opal Inlays can also be manufactured and bonded to the fret cut area to produce a sign with protruding / 3D lettering effect.

Fully Sign Written Trays

Not only do we make blank and fret cut sign trays, Our skilled fabrication team is also able to create a fully finished sign system for you to install. Alongside our CNC router we also have a full, digital print facility capable of printing vinyl and material used in all manner of sign fabrication. We can produce the 2D and 21/2D lettering that will be fitted onto the sign trays with sign locators.

Need help with your requirements? 

If you are unsure about which sign may be suitable for your installation, the Sign Trade team is always happy to help work with you from beginning to end of your project. We are here to help! If you have any questions or queries please get in touch using the button at the top of the page.

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