Sign Vinyls

Sign Vinyls

Sign Trade Supplies holds a large stock of branded sign vinyls. Our stock brands include Avery Dennison, Image Perfect, Ritrama and many more. Sign making vinyl comes in 2 standard widths; 610 mm and 1220 mm. These widths match with industry standard vinyl cutters including graphtec, roland, mimaki and GCC cutters.

Our Avery Dennison sign vinyl selection include the 500 and 700 series vinyl. The Avery 500 series is a monomeric 3-5 year exterior sign vinyl, used for short to medium term signage solutions allowing for a cost effective end product. The 500 series has a selection of 48 Gloss colours including metallic sign vinyl.

The Avery 700 series is a polymeric vinyl with an 8 year exterior life, used for medium to long term sign solutions the 700 is what we like to class as an industry standard. The avery 700 vinyl includes a solvent based adhesive allowing it to be wet applied. There is a huge selection of 120 different colours which greatly increases the chance for colour matching with customer specification. 

Our Image Perfect 5700 series is a 7 year, polymeric, exterior life sign vinyl. Providing excellent quality vinyl with competitive pricing the IP 5700 series is a popular choice for sign makers looking for a universal sign vinyl. Brilliant for cutting, weeding and applying. The 5700 series has a choice of 75 gloss colours.

Avery 500 Sign Vinyl Colour SwatchAvery 700 Sign Vinyl Colour SwatchImage Perfect 5700 Sign Vinyl Colour Swatch