Banner Hemming Tape

  1. Single Side Hemming Tape - 40mm x 50M

    Single Sided Banner Stiffening Tape This single sided tape is applied to the reverse of the banner and then eyeletted straight through the face. Folding the hem is no longer necessary. Fast and effective hem strengthining No hem puckering when rolling the banners for storage Permanent acrylic adhesive Suitable for exterior use up to 2 years Clean, straight cut edges
  2. Stykra 500 Banner Hemming Tape (double sided)

    Starting at: £8.50

    Double Sided Banner Hemming Tape

    25mm x 50M Rolls


    38mm x 50M Rolls

    High Bond Banner hemming tape, used to strengthen the hems of printed banners and also help strengthen the eyeletted material.


    Carrier Clear Polyester Film
    Adhesive Type Solvent Acrylic
    Total Thickness 0.23mm
    Adhesive Tape Colour Clear
    Release Liner Red MOPP
    Adhesive Power N / 25mm
    Temperature Resistance -30°C to 90°C
  3. Stykra 580 Ultimate Mesh Banner Weld Tape

    Starting at: £15.78

    Stykra 580 Ultimate Mesh Banner Weld Tape

    Extremely high performance double sided banner tape, designed for the most extreme banner conditions. Allows hemming of mesh material & pole pockets and banner joins. 580 micron thick, Acrylic adhesive

  4. EDGE-It® Tape – 40mm x 25m

    EDGE-It® Tape – 40mm x 25m

    A Single sided banner reinforcing tape which is strong and flexible. Perfect for fast and effective banner strengthening, quick and easy to apply without folding the banners edge.

    The EDGE-It tape uses a high quality adhesive that will work comfortably at -20°C to 70°C. The adhesive has excellent resistance to UV light, chemicals and external weather conditions. The single sided tape can be used on PVC and PVC Mesh banner material. The tape allows for minimal fluting when rolling for storage or sending.       

Banner Hemming Tape

Sign Trade Supplies have a range of banner hemming tape for all types of temporary banner signage. Double sided tapes and single sided banner tapes are available to suit different needs, we also have a specialist Mesh banner and pole pcket hemming tape for extremely demanding weather conditions etc banner