Double Sided Tapes

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28 Items

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Double Sided Sign Making Tapes

We stock a wide range of sign making tapes for all different applications. Our specialist tapes are designed to bond sign making materials with the highest technology adhesives on the market.

PVC Banner Hemming Tape

Our high quality PVC banner hemming tape is used to reinforce the hems to outdoor display banners. Suitable for self piercing eyelets.

Double Sided Correx Tape

Specifically designed to bond Plasticised PVC sheeting and rubberised materials, Suitable for bonding all plastics.

Glass Clear UHB Acrylic Tape


Glass Clear or Grey acrylic tape


Low initial Tack with 24 - 72 hr Curing Time (dependant on environment climate)


Long term exterior adheisve in all weather conditions.


Common uses but not lmited to:


  • Metal to Metal Fixing
  • Fabrication and Panel Mounting
  • Sign Channel fixing
  • PVC and Composite Bonding
  • Exterior Trim to Glass


Excellent resistance to UV, weathering and varying temperatures


Alternative to 3M sign makers tape

White UHB Foam Tape


The best general purpose foam tape available.


- 1mm thick high density PE foam


- Good initial bond and long term adhesion


- Good UV, chemical and plasticizer resistance.


- Suitable for long term outdoor use


Main Applications


- Bonding and mounting foamed PVC and other signage


- Bonding plaques, decorative trim and mouldings


- Bonding Vehicle trim after wrapping.


Ultimate Solution UHB Tape


UHB Ultimate Solution Tape is THE very best general purpose double sided tape on the market.


It has unparralelled long term and short term strength and boasts brilliant resistance to humidity, solvents , plasticisers and UV, salt water and alkalines. This tape withstands the test of time and weathering!


It has the highest initial tack available and is highly flexible to conform to 3D mouldings and curved signage. Ultimate Solution Tape is designed to bond to smooth and textured surfaces alike.


Graded for Marine and Oil Rig Signage you really cant find a more robust product on the market!




 - Bonding heavy gauge plasticised  PVC


- Fabrication and Panel Bonding


- Graphics for extreme sports


- Marine and Oil Rig Signage


- Bonding Powder Coated materials