SE360 Sign Making Wrap Tool + 2 Spare Blades

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Most graphic and tint installers will tell you about long term wrist fatigue and the pain that results after all day installations. No film applicator to date had a way of combating or even stopping carpal tunnel. Many veterans of the industry were unaware that typists weren’t the only sufferers of this condition until it’s too late. In 2007 we researched over 100 installers and found over 93% had early symptoms of median nerve damage and would eventually develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This was staggering to think that these people were also unaware that even after the surgery most if not all would not be able to return to the film installation industry in which they are experienced, because this area of the hand and wrist controls not only the orbit of the wrist but control and pressure nerves that respond to the brain.



The Squeegee Evolved 360 or SE360 was developed specifically to combat this problem by having a ergonomic (Tapered Barrel Shaped Handle) it cradles or creates a (bridge) for the human hand to grip more naturally protecting the muscles and tendons from any further damage to this area. With this tool independent studies have shown it will reverse prior damage to the Median Nerve and eliminate the chances of developing Carpal Tunnel to begin with.

The SE360 employs all known current published medical results, with our own ergonomic design and functionality to allow users to not only grip with less strain to the hand itself but is unique whereas it can be gripped in any position during a typical installation of graphic films and maintain the same level of ergonomic support to the human hand. This practically eliminates muscle fatigue and damage to the Median Nerve. The Soft Rubber handle removes pressure to the wrist and provides a cushion or buffer for a better overall grip of the tool itself.

The Thumb Orbit area puts the thumb into a (Braced Position) much like a splint providing better control, better posture with less strain to the thumb joint, muscles and tendons.  The thumb is the weakest of all joints in the human body.