RitRama L100 Series - up to 5 Year Life

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Multibuy Price £1.37
Multibuy Price £1.37
RitRama L100 Series - up to 5 Year Life is available to buy in increments of 5

For short term applications such as point of sale, shop fronts and exhibition graphics.

Face Material 
Self-adhesive material for plotter. Monomeric gloss finish 
vinyl. Liner that offers superior cuttability with conventional 
die-cutting and computer signmaking systems. 
Type Monomeric vinyl 
Colour and Finish 33 colours available 
Weight 95 g/m² ±10% ISO-536
Thickness 70 µ ±10% ISO 534-80

Acrylic permanent adhesive featuring high clarity and very 
high cohesion. The excellent water resistance allows wet 
application of the material. Designed for a wide variety of 
substrates such as glass, ABS, PS, PVC. Unsuitable for 
apolar surfaces (like PE and PP). 
Reference AP permanent 
Type Acrylic permanent 
Min. Appl. Temp. +10°C 
Service Temp. -30°C/+120°C 
Shear Medium 
Tack Medium N/inch² 
Final Adhesion High N/inch 

Type One side siliconised clay coated 
Colour and Finish White 
Weight 120 g/m² ±10% ISO 536
Thickness 108 µ ±10% ISO 534
Transparency n.a. % DIN 53 147-64