PPF - Paint Protection Film & Tools

PPF - Paint Protection Film & Tools

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What Is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is a means of preserving your cars paintwork from scuffs, scrapes, stonechips and UV damage. The thin film is applied over the body work and adds a layer of clear gloss or matt protection that is virtually undetectable. PPF films boast extremely high gloss and clarity to ensure high end paint finishes such as deep metallics are maintained.

How Does Paint Protection Film Work?

Once paint protection film (PPF) has been applied to the vehicles body work the highly engineered polyurethane film creates a tough and tear resistant layer to physically protect the paint surface from objects that may come in contact with the vehicle. With deep recesses found on super-car bumpers and wheel arches being particularly exposed to stone chipping PPF films can maintain a cars pristine finish.

Where can i fine a Paint Protection Film (PPF) UK supplier

Sign Trade Supplies is a trade supplier of paint protection film and vehicle wrap. We currently stock the Oraguard 283 stoneguard film which has a 7 year life. As a nationwide UK PPF supplier , Sign Trade Supplies also carries a number of application tools that help professional installers achieve the highest level of application possible.

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