Oracal Car Wrap Cleaning & Care Kit

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CF - Oracal Cleaning Kit
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The Oracal Cleaning and Care agents have been specifically developed for surface treatment of cars wrapped with orafol car wrapping films. All products in the range have been engineered to enable consistent, excellent results.

With the Oracal cleaning and care agents, you can be sure that you are always working with professional cleaning and care treatment for your vehicle.

Car Wrap Cleaning Agents

Oracal Shampoo

Shampoo Concentrate (mix up to max 1:100 with water) for vehicles wrapped with car wrapping films. Forms a fine foam which cleans gently and effectively. Is best suitbale for periodical car wash by hand. Each kit contains 500ml of Oracal Shampoo.

Oracal Intensive Cleaner

Ready-to-use, solvent free intensive cleaner for heavy soiling on wrapped vehicles. After an exposure time of 1-2 minutes it removes oily, greasy and sooty soiling as well as insect residues.

Achieves best results if applied with the wrapping film cleaning sponge. Each kit contains 500ml of Oracal Intensive Cleaner.

Car Wrap Care Agents

Oracal Fast Care Agent

The Oracal Fast Care Agent for glossy car wrapping films is a silicone-free cleaning and care emulsion. Leaves water-repellent, antistatic surface behind.

The equivalent for the matt car wrapping kit is a solvent and preservation free cleaning and care emulsion product. It leaves a water-repellent, anti-static surface behind, and enhances the matt effect.

Intended for periodical use, subsequent soiling can be removed far more easily.

Oracal Long Lasting Seal 

The Oracal Long Lasting Seal provides a long-term protection of your car wrapping film. The version for glossy car wrapping films will provide an extremely smooth surface with a unique deep gloss. Contains PTFE.

The version developed for matt car wrapping films is a water-free product with very high carnauba wax content.

Achieves the highest possible degree of protection already 24 hours after polishing up.

Each Car Cleaning and Care Kit Contains

  • 500ml Shampoo
  • 500ml Intensive Cleaner
  • 500ml Fast Care Agent
  • 500ml Long-Lasting Seal
  • 2 x Special Wrapping Film Cleaning Sponges