EG744AF Nortex Silver Frost AF AirFree - 7 Year

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EG 744AF
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Multibuy Price £3.33

Nortex Silver Frost AR AirFree is a 7 year Polymeric PVC vinyl. The calendered, matte translucent material is designed for interior and exterior use on commercial, residential and industrial glazing that requires window frost vinyl to be applied for privacy and decorative effect. Extensively used in the interior fit-out industry, other uses include window manifestation.

The unique AirFree adhesive allows the window frosting to be installed dry without the fear of bubbles forming under the film. The AR adhesive has tiny channels that allow any trapped air to be effortlessly pushed out tot he edge of the film.

Nortex Silver Frost boasts the latest generation in UV acrylic adhesive. The unique adhesive makes the window frosting film UV safe, non-yellowing and also eco-friendly which is a great selling point for companies that are looking to improve their ecological standards. This replaces the old solvent technologies used in other frosting products available.

Key Features

  • AirFree adhesive for fast, dry installation
  • Printable with UV, Solvent & eco-solvent ink
  • Unique UV Acrylic, pressure senstitive adhesive
  • Up to 7 year durability
  • 140gm Double sided PE coated kraft paper
  • 80 micron Face Film


Thickness (µm)    80     ASTM D 1593

Grammage (g/m2)   110    ASTM D1593

Shrinkage - md/cd – (10 min 70º) (%)    -1.5 / +1    ASTM D 1204

Surface energy (dyne/cm)    37    ASTM D 2578

Gloss (60º) (%)    8 - 11    ASTM D 523

Nortex Silver Frost is a great alternative to image perfect IP5804 Light Silver Frost