IP5805 Silver Frost 7 Year

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Multibuy Price £5.05
ImagePerfect Silver Frost is a semi-opaque, matt, calendered PVC that is suitable for use on a wide variety of clean, dry surfaces. The film has been formulated to promote medium-term, exterior durability, whilst the liner has been engineered to deliver outstanding lay flat properties. This window film is specifically designed to be cut on computerised sign-making equipment, with its unique liner promoting enhanced weeding performance. ImagePerfect Silver Frost may be used in most interior applications, where it is supported by it's B1 fire rating, and many exterior decorative and display applications where an etched glass or matt effect is required on a glass substrate, primarily for window decoration. The fact that this product has a metallised effect, allows for broader aesthetic choice than would be permitted with ‘standard’ crystal films.


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