Silver Sign Frame Kit - 3mm ACM Panel Trim

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MaxiFrame 3000 - Aluminium Sign Frame System

The Maxiframe 3000 is one of the most popular sign extrusions used in the UK. The high quality aluminium anodised finish provides a durable exterior solution for mounting signs in various scenarios:

  • Shop Fronts & Fascias
  • External Wall Mounted Signs
  • Notice Boards
  • Menu Boards

The MaxiFrame 3000 accepts 3mm thick subsrates such as aluminium composite, acrylic & polycarbonate. The system is extermely simple to install and is clipped together with hidden fixings so the finished result screw and blemish free.

Panel Size Guide  

Panels must be 15mm smaller overall than the size of the Maxiframe, For example:

MaxiFrame Size = 1000x1000mm

Panel Size = 985x985mm 

Visible Area = 960x960mm