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Frontlit Large Format Digital Banner Media Supplies

Sign Trade Supplies has a range of high quality laminated and coated banner media. Our PVC banner materials are available in widths: 760mm, 1100mm, 1370mm and 1600mm. All of our PVC banner materials are suitable for interior and exterior use and can be finished with our banner eyelet punch. The majority of our banner material is printable with solvent, eco-solvent, Latex & UV Inks. Each banner media is graded by weight:

300gsm Mesh PVC Banner Material

A lightweight banner with perforations to reduce the sail effect when installed in windy or exposed locations. Please note this is not printable with UV inks 

Nortex 440gsm Laminates Banner Material

Our most economical banner vinyl for short term events where speed and cost are paramount. This frontlit banner material is laminated and has a satin top layer.

Nortex 450gsm Coated Banner Material

Extremely strong compared to the 440gsm material, the 450gsm has a dense fibre weave which means it is much more suited for medium to longterm banner installations. The 450gsm banner media has a premium top coat which produces a high contrasting top quality print result. A great option as your standard stock banner material.

Nortex 550gsm Super Tough Coated Banner Material

The 550gsm banner material is our heaviest weight banner in stock, suitable for long term banner installations the 550gsm media stands above the rest in terms of strength and print quality. Also boasting the premium top coat and dense weave the 550gsm is suited perfectly for more high end projects that require quality and durability.

Nortex 550gsm Super Tough Double-Sided Coated Banner Material

Similar to our premium 550gsm banner material this media is coated on both sides, this allows for the production of double sided, long lasting banners. Ideal for lampost flex banners and double side fencing displays.

Roller Banner PET Pull Up Banner Material

Sign Trade Supplies also stocks pull up banner media used to create roller banner displays. Our super smooth PET roll up media boasts excellent layflat characteristics and a grey back to provide great blockout results. This media is available in 914mm wide which is perfect to print and trim back to the standard 850 or 800mm roller banner cassettes.