Chrome & Brushed Vinyls

Chrome & Brushed Vinyls

Chrome & Brushed Sign Making Vinyl

UK suppliers of chrome sign making vinyl, gold foil backed sign vinyl and brushed chrome metallic vinyl. Sign Trade Supplies stocks 2 different brands of chrome vinyl. The VinylEFX range is fully printable with eco-solvent, solvent, UV and screen print inks.

Chrome and brushed chrome sign vinyl has surged over the last few years. With improvements in production and availability Sign Trade Supplies can now offer a good range of exterior and interior mirror chrome and brushed films. We currently stock 2 mirror vinyl ranges from Oracal & VinylEFX.

Oracal 351 - Polyester Metallized Double Sided Foil Chromes

The oracal 351 is a 23-50 micron polyester chrome foil series. Available in a range of colours including Silver Mirror, Gold Mirror, Rose Gold Mirror and Brushed counterparts. The 351 has a 2 year service life (1 year for gold) and is often used for decorative labels, internal shop displays and some shorterm exterior promotions. The 351 chrome series is very well priced and can be used on standard plotters. With test prints the 351 chrome is also

VinylEFX Durable Range - Printable Chrome Sign Vinyl

The Durable chrome range from VinylEFX is a truly printable chrome vinyl. Suitable for printing with true solvent, eco-solvent, UV, thermal and screen printing inks it is one of the most versatile printing chromes on the market. The face film is a metallized vinyl that is much thicker than the oracal 351 alternative. However with it being thicker it is a bit more demanding on the cutting plotter.