Vehicle Wrap Gloves & Car Wrapping Gloves

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Vehicle Wrapping Gloves & Car Wrap Gloves

Specialised gloves to aid in the installation of vehicle wrap vinyl and PPF film. Our range of vehicle wrap gloves include the Paint is Dead ProSeries Proglove and Proglove ultimate. Designed to be used by professional wrap installers that require top performance day in and day out. The Paint is Dead Proseries has been created alongside experts in the industry and on the shop floor itself, An outstanding range of car wrapping tools that look as good as they perform.


Media Handling Gloves

Media handling gloves are used when handling digital print media, the cotton gloves prevent natural oils from the skin transferring onto the vinyl surface.

Media Handling Gloves | Sign Trade Supplies

Surface Preparation Gloves

Our blue nitrile gloves are used to protect skin from harsh chemical cleaners when preparing substrates for vinyl application.

Blue Nitrile Gloves | Sign Trade Supplies