Vinyl Scrapers & Strippers

  1. The Big White Blade - Vinyl removal scraper

    The BIG white blade is safe palstic razor blade, used to effectively remove old sign vinyl from substrates including vehicles.

  2. Pink Vinyl Chizzler - vinyl removal tool

    One sized polycarbonate tool has proven invaluable for removing materials and applying others in tight corners. Millions used by Vinyl & Film professionals. Custom rolled edges scrapes without marring.


    design: Low profile, 1 side flat, 1 side slightly beveled and rolled edges, Center thumb spot.
    sizes: 2.3125" x 3"
  3. 300mm Heavy Duty Soft Grip Scraper

    Starting at: £3.19

    Long handled scraper with angled head, which provides extra leverage, ideal when stripping large areas. Fitted with a 100mm wide, two-sided reversible blade, zinc alloy body and soft grip handle. Spare blades available.

  4. Orange Plastic Razor Blade - 100 Pack

    Orange plastic razor blades for the safe removal of vinyl graphics from delicate surfaces such as vehicle bodies. Less likely to cause paintwork damage than conventional scraper blades. These orange razor blades are suitable for use with our yellow retractable handle and our blue plastic handle scraper.
  5. Orange Fixed Blade Scraper

    Starting at: £1.50

    Ergonomically designed fixed blade scraper that allows features an easy to change blade system and safety cover. Perfect for removing vinyl and paint spatters from glazing. Suitable for use with our replacement steel and plastic blades.
  6. Hilka Plastic Handle Scraper

    Moulded plastic with standard blade and blade guard. Perfect for scraping glue residue and vinyl from windows
  7. Extra Long Handle Scraper with 6" Blade


    Heavy duty scraper with 150mm blade. Tubular steel long handled shaft with easy to change blades and rubber grip. Perfect for scraper larger areas to reduce labour costs on vinyl removal jobs. 

  8. 11" Heavy Duty Window & Floor Scraper


    Sturdy all metal construction with comfortable soft grip handle. Heat treated high carbon steel 4" reversible blade with fine ground sharp edges included. Ideal for heavy duty jobs including removing stubborn vinyl & adhesive residues.

  9. Retractable Razor - Yellow Window Scraper

    Starting at: £1.50

    Ideal for removing sign vinyl & paint from glass windows. Blade retracts to safe position. Uses single-edge razor blades.
  10. Ruko Double Side Deburring Tool

    Starting at: £4.92

    The Ruko Double Deburring Tool makes light work of taking the sharp or rough edges off sign panels and boards. Perfect for trimming off both sides of aluminium composite panels after they have been saw cut. The ergonomic design

    Plastic handle with hand protector and 2 HSS blades. Exchangeable HSS disk blades. The disk blades can be turned when cutting surfaces become worn, enabling the whole blade circumference to be utilized. The distance between the disk blades can be adjusted. Suitable for double-sided deburring of steel, aluminium, brass, copper and plastic sheets up to 10,0mm thickness.

  11. Ruko Rapid Deburrer

    Starting at: £1.99

    The Ruko Rapid Deburrer is an effective tool at taking the rough edges off sign panels made from various materials. The design includes an interchangeable blade system so you can replace your cutting blade after it has dulled.

    Features include

    • Hexangol aluminium handle
    • interchangeable blade
    • deburs aluminium, steel, ACM, acrylic, polycarb and more 
  12. Ruko Premium Hand Deburring Tool

    Starting at: £1.99

    The Ruko Premium deburring tool is perfect for taking the rough edges off sign panels after they have been cut on a saw. The ergonomic handle is suited for extended periods of use and allows for a smooth easy action. The Deburring tool comes with one blade that is stored in the bottom of the handle. Spare blades can be purchased when your blade has become blunt. 


    • Interchangeable blades
    • Ergonomic handle design
    • Replacement blades can be stored in base of handle


  13. Blue Plastic Scraper - Orange Blade

    Starting at: £1.99

    A handy tool for the safe removal of self adhesive vinyl and decals. This simple yet effective scraper handle comes with an orange plastic blade that allows for the safe removal of self adhesive films that have been applied to delicate surfaces such as vehicle paint work.

Vinyl Scrapers & Strippers

Sign Making Vinyl scrapers and strippers. For removing sign vinyl from vehicles, windows and boarding.