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Cleaning and preparation fluids are vital in producing a quality signage solution that will last. Cleaning fluids remove dirt, grime, silicone residues and other harmful material that could impact the adhesion of the applied vinyl. Our specially formulated Nortex, Avery and 3M range of products are designed for sign makers. We stock 3M Surface preparation, Avery flat surface cleaner, 3M scotch - weld tape.

Sign Making Cleaning & Preparation Fluids

Our sign making cleaning fluids are used to clean substrates and vehicles before the application of self-adhesive vinyls. It is vitally important that all dirt, dust, grease and grime is removed from any surface before vinyl or vehicle wrap is applied. If any the substrate is not clean this will have an impact on the durability of the vinyl that is installed.

Below are some of our most popular sign making cleaning and prep fluids:

Nortex Professional Surface Cleaner

A high spec cleaner formulated with an IPA base, designed to provide superior cleaning results on vehicles and substrates. Available in 5L containers.

Avery Green Surface Cleaner 1L

One of the industries most popular cleaning solutions, the Avery green surface cleaner has a unique formula that provides unprecedented cleaning prior to vehicle wrap installation. Available in 1L trigger spray bottles.

Avery Flat Surface Cleaner

The flat surface cleaner is a more economical cleaning agent from Avery Dennison, used for rigid body vehicles and flat substrates; this cleaner is available in 5L bottles at a lower cost price in comparison to the Avery green.

3M Surface Preparation Fluid

High performance cleaner suitable for removing residue from vehicles before applying vehicle wrap. Used extensively in the vehicle wrap industry the 3M surface cleaner provides a perfect substrate ready for wrap.

Nortex Panel Wipe

The Nortex panel wipe is an aggressive solvent cleaner, designed to remove heavy contamination. Grease and silicones. The Panel wipe is available in 5L metal cans and is widely used as the first step cleaner in preparing surfaces for vinyl application. 

Nortex Tar & Glue Remover  

Nortex Tar and Glue remover is a powerful glue dissolving solution. Capable of breaking down old, stubborn adhesive residue left behind by old sign writing and vehicle livery. Nortex Tar & Glue remover uses aggressive solvent technology to deactivate the remaining vinyl adhesive and allow it to be wiped away.

Nortex IPA - Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaner

The 99.9% isopropanol (2-propanol) cleaner is a staple throughout the sign and print industry. IPA is a single component, fast evaporating cleaner. Popular due to the fast drying time and minimal film left behind on substrates. Available in 1L and 5L bottles.


Nortex Aplispray

Sign making application spray is used when applying large decals or flood coating substrates e.g window films, colour changing panels etc. our Nortex Aplispray is specifically formulated fluid that allows increased control when applying large graphics. A great alternative to the well known RapidTac fluid system.

3M Primer 94

A popular surface primer used in challenging vehicle wrap environments. The 3M Primer 94 is a great solution for increasing bond performance of pressure sensitive wrap films when wrapping around tight seams and edges. Popping and tenting of vehicle wrap on bonnet edges, deep recesses and contours can be drastically improved with 3M Primer 94.  

3M Edge Sealer 3950

The 3M Edge sealer 3950 is another tool for vehicle wrappers and sign makers. This can be used sparingly over vinyl joins and chapter 8 reflective vinyl to increase durability and reduce lifting over time. The edge sealer acts like a chemical laquer to improve resistance to weathering and depreciation over time.